E-SPLOST, Capital Projects, Construction, and Planning

The Capital Projects Division is responsible for managing the design and construction of the school system’s capital facilities. This includes modernization of existing facilities and the construction of new schools and support facilities. The division works with architects, engineers, consultants and contractors to design and build the projects.
The goal of the Capital Projects Division is to provide the school system with high quality facilities that support the school system’s educational, operational and community programs that are built in a cost effective manner and maximizes value while providing attractive and sustainable buildings and grounds that are efficient to operate and maintain.

The division is committed to providing the highest level of service to the students and citizens of Gilmer County through safe and secure facilities that encourage a positive learning environment through design, construction, improvement, and maintenance of educational facilities. 

The operations of this division is responsible for the management and the provision of operational support and services to administrative sites; the development of Educational Specifications for the System’s educational facilities, commencement of the process for the System’s needs assessment of its facilities, update of the State Required Five-Year Facilities Plan, update of drawings for administrative and school facilities (which include site plans and floor plans of the facilities), and space planning.  Additionally, the division is responsible for addressing growth management issues for the school system and to ensure consistency with applicable Georgia laws in this regard.  The Division is also responsible for coordinating and obtaining School Board approval for all facility lease agreements, joint use agreements with local municipalities, and addressing easement matters for the system.

Capital Projects and Construction of facilities in the Gilmer County Charter School System are primarily funded by E-SPLOST revenue.  As such, the division also oversees E-SPLOST Activities.

Additionally, the division monitors bidding for projects to ensure that design and construction stay within projected costs, and that project are completed on time. 
E-SPLOST IV (2015)