Policy and Internal Compliance

The Policy and Internal Compliance division is responsible for the development, interpretation and implementation of Board Polices and Administrative Rules.  School system operations are continuously examined for efficiency, accountability and improvement and are regularly presented to the Board of Education for review, amendments or creation of new policy.

Policy Governance

The School Board sets policy, which focus on results or “ends” – what Gilmer County Charter School System graduates should know, understand and be able to do. By governing at this level, the Board avoids micro-managing the work of the System. 
Additionally, the School Board holds the superintendent accountable for implementing the Board’s vision through Administrative Rules, Procedures and Guidelines, and by monitoring results through the use of data, reports and focused discussions. The work of the School Board includes listening to the public and gathering their feedback about goals, standards and progress through community outreach.  To see all the School Board Approved Policies and associated Administrative Rules please click the links on the left hand side of this page.